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Pay Per Click Advertising Resources

PPC part of Search Engine Marketing now a days PPC market category are increasingly competitive. More advertisers are using keyword research and specific landing pages As a result, the better performing keywords are becoming more expensive, leading to click inflation.

So Deecoup will give you Some resource for Good PPC Campaign.

Keyword Tools For PPC

  • Google’s Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Rockstar
  • *VisualThesaurus

PPC Placement Tools

  • *Ad Planner
  • Shoemoney AdSense Crawler Tools
  • AdWords Digger
  • Site Sniper Pro
  • Keyword Rockstar

Ad Builders (free and paid)

  • BoostCTR.com
  • MiniBannersZen.com
  • Keyword Rockstar
  • *AdLab.MSN.com/Ad-Text-Writer

Competitive Research and Forecasting

  • SpyFu
  • Compete.com
  • KeywordSpy
  • Enquisite Auditor
  • *Adlab.MSN.com/Keyword-Forecast
  • *Google Insights

PPC Reporting

  • Google conversion coding/tracking
  • *Google Analytics

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