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Google Dance for New Sites

New term for Internet Marketing over a period of time, Well I’m Dam sure that internet marketing professional probably heard about that term like Google Dance. Everyone will face this magic of Google.

What is Google Dance and what does it mean:

It is just a Google way of saying Hii…new websites. Every Site will face this stage.

Basically which type of effect your website face? Your web site will be up and down in the ranking until it resolve. In the starting months your website will on high. Suddenly your website SERP ranking down within 1- 2 days.  This is so annoying for web site owner. But this is Google nature. It will take time to trust on your site.

Once you get some backlink from various group of sites, which hopefully will have a high PR, then the Google Dance tends to settle down, and your rankings will be more constant,

This all will done from Content always right Good and Quality Content for your site

Google uses 3 internal servers like: http://www.google.com/http://www2.google.com/http://www3.google.com/